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awstats 6.5 <-> gentoo

Donnerstag, den 22. September 2005


< ~ #>emerge awstats
which is sufficient for most apps in gentoo, including webapps. Squirrelmail and gallery both installed fine this way. However, the awstats ebuild tells us that we have to use webapp-config to complete the install of awstats. They do not give a suggested command line. Long story short, this is how I managed to install awstats to my host (localhost in this case)

1. < ~ #>emerge awstats
2. Create a directory called “awstats” in your root web directory.
3. < ~ #>webapp-config -I -h localhost -d /awstats/ awstats 6.5 Change version number as necessary.
4. Take the output of the above command and paste into the /etc/apache2/conf/commonapache2.conf file
5. < ~ #>/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
6. < ~ #>cd /etc/awstats/
7. If there isn’t already a config file, copy awstats.model.conf to awstats.yourdomain.conf
8. Edit awstats.yourdomain.conf. It is pretty easy just reading the comments.

OK it is installed. Now update the stats:

< ~ #>/usr/share/webapps/awstats/6.5/hostroot/cgi-bin/ -update